There is no greater miracle than seeing the beginning of a new life.

    At Prenatal Universe, we are able to offer you the most technologically advanced   3D/4D Ultrasound imaging currently available in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. These cutting edge imaging techniques allow you to see your unborn baby in amazingly high detail. See your baby’s face expressions, movements and the beating of his or her beautiful little heart like never before.


    We encourage prenatal bonding by providing a non-diagnostic ultrasound focusing on creating breathtaking 3D images and 4D videos, which will bring a delightful reality to your pregnancy experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.


The 4D Live ultrasound is opening a whole new window to your unborn child and you can see your baby's amazing features with incredible real-time clarity or see your unborn baby smile, suck its thumb, yawn, kick, stretch and even wave. 


    Our fully qualified sonographers capture and save your baby pictures and videos on a CD or DVD, which allows you to print additional photos and share your memorable experience with your loved ones easily via email.



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